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Turkey stands for the promise of the ‘world’s favourite game’, unifying people from all walks of life.

As a leading European tourist destination, and the geographical centre of the world, we want to extend UEFA EURO 2024 to a wider audience and share this experience with all of our great nations.

From here, we are well-placed to promote inclusion, diversity and accessibility in the game.

We will share our passion for football, the wonders of our great country, and this lasting legacy with everyone. We will share together.


Yıldırım Demirören

All our hearts are beating for 2024

As the youngest European nation, Turkey’s candidacy for UEFA EURO 2024 is not only crucial for the people living on this land, but for Europe as well.

With the 28.7% of our population aged under 17, it’s so thrilling to imagine how great it would be to host EURO 2024, fuelling the interest and love for football in our country. Whilst providing the maximum possible comfort to the competing teams with our young stadiums, we are excited to offer unforgettable moments for football fans who will visit our country and experience our Turkish hospitality.

In addition to contributing to the international football, UEFA EURO 2024 will be the peak of Turkish Football Federation’s mission to develop football from grassroots to the top professional level.

Turkey’s strongest reference in organising European Championship in a festive atmosphere and as the highest competitive scene, is the unique experiences in stadiums shared at 2005 UEFA Champions League, 2009 UEFA Cup and 2013 FIFA U20 World Cup finals. We want to offer an enriched version of such experiences to the whole world once again.

Our friends who will travel to Turkey for football and the common language of the European civilisation will bring the rich history of ancient lands and memories from the cultural and social life back with them when returning to their countries. We will form a new light for football fans through our nation’s love for football and our rich historical texture, uniting two continents. We invite all people to share our passion for football in Turkey.

We have the full support from our citizens and government for this event. Turkey is a footballing nation where the uniting and peaceful power of football can be enjoyed to the fullest. Everybody can be assured that with our passion for football, human resources, organisational capability, and our high-tech stadiums, we are ready to deliver a successful European Championship.

Our call to the whole world; Let’s share EURO 2024 together...

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Mircea Lucescu

It’s Turkey’s turn to take the stage now

In my almost 60-year career in football, Turkey has always had a special place in my heart both for being the country where I wore the Romanian national team jersey for the first time in 1963 and my achievements with Galatasaray and Beşiktaş in the early 2000s.

Although I have been away from Turkey due to my commitments in Ukraine and Russia over the last 12 and a half years, I never broke my ties with the country thanks to the friendships I made during my time there. I have been in charge of the Turkish senior national team since August 2017. From an outside perspective, I can explain the relationship between Turkey and football from past to present day in the best way.

I witnessed Turkey’s transformation from every aspect and football is just a part of it. Investments in football tremendously increased and infrastructures just got better. The only thing that did not change is the big passion for this sport in the country.

It is a well-known fact that Turkey, where there’s a huge interest in football and the European-grade competition means more than just a game, and we have wanted to host a major international tournament for many years.

Turkey previously announced their candidacy to host past three European Championships (one as a co-host), and have officially submitted their bid to stage EURO 2024. Turkey is much stronger and more experienced than ever before. They have significant advantages over the other candidate country.

Turkey’s biggest advantage is enthusiasm. Can a country that hosted events like European Championship and World Cup in the past, match the enthusiasm that Turkey has now? Just imagine the passion of the fans, football players, organisers and volunteers!

The warm hospitality and welcoming of our foreign friends in Turkey attract millions of tourists to this country every year. In that respect, I am sure that anybody who will travel to Turkey for the European Championship will have a fantastic experience.

Having successfully hosted 2005 UEFA Champions League final, 2009 UEFA Cup final where I lifted the trophy with Shakhtar and 2013 FIFA U20 World Cup finals in the past, Turkey has a proven organisational capability.

One of the strongest elements that makes Turkey’s candidacy strong, is the government support and the state-led stadium projects that still continue. 14 out of the 32 new stadium projects, of which we can call the most modern stadiums in Europe, have already been completed and the remainders will be finalised in 2019. There is no other country in Europe who has such a breakthrough.

It’s Turkey’s turn to take the stage now!

As Turkey head coach, I too support this candidacy with all my heart. Turkish senior national team who could take part in EURO 2024 as hosts with a renewed generation, will receive a passionate support from Turkish nation and give a unique inspiration to young players.

When UEFA Executive Committee will convene in September 2018 to name the EURO 2024 hosts, I’m sure they won’t be indifferent to this light shining over Turkey.

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Turnuva Elçisi Barış Telli

If we define the term ‘athlete’ as a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina, Barış Telli is worthy of exemplifying this term. Having won European championship, he constitutes a real role model for new generations. Still, what makes Barış Telli an exceptional figure is not only his league, cup and European championships but also his enthusiasm that enlightens the path of future footballers who strive for achieving their dreams. .

Currently at the zenith of his career, Barış Telli has always had the same passion for the game while being involved in the fierce competitions in international arena. He was only 4 years old when he had a traffic accident at the street before he could go to play football on April 4, 1993. Although he lost his right foot to the knee, he has succeeded in winning European Championship with the Amputee National Team and Champion Clubs’ Cup in addition to ranking at the third place in the world cup. Furthermore, he is honoured to have been named as the top scorer and best player of the tournament.

He plays tennis in addition to football and proves that he is a complete athlete thanks to his personal records in three different categories of athletics, namely 100 metres, high jump and long jump. Barış Telli is at the same a physical education teacher who holds a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from Gazi University, Ankara.

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